Sustainable and decentralized solutions to manage domestic wastewaters in urban and rural areas

We build a future where domestic wastewaters are no longer a waste but an asset for cities, businesses and individuals

INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH AWARD for the SmartCleanGarden Concept, Convergences World Forum 2018

“In an era of galloping urbanization and water scarcity, the domestic wastewaters should no longer be considered a liability but a valuable asset to create green city parks purifying the air, mitigating the climate change and supporting urban food production.”

Didier Orange, SmartCleanGarden Project Manager, IRD Research Scientist

Innovations of the SmartCleanGarden Concept

Planted filter to clean wastewaters with a combination of natural biological and physical processes

Enhanced Biodiversity to increase effectiveness in smaller space available in cities

IoT to control biochemical processes with environmental e-sensors

Artificial Intelligence to remotely control and manage the safe sewage treatment